Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trying to Save KLSD

A clear channel station thinking about dropping progressive talk? NO SURPRISE THERE!

KLSD Listeners Put On Their Rally Caps

By Mike Stern

Amid rumors of an impending format change, a rally is being organized by fans of Air America outlet Clear Channel talk KLSD/San Diego. The Web site has full details and instructions on how to participate in the rally. The site says a procession of cars with signs will do one or two passes by Clear Channel’s offices honking their horns.

Citing the success of a similar rally in Madison, Wis., the site says “the battle to save KLSD (and to take a stand against the conservative grip on American broadcast media) is building momentum. We have to draw a line in the sand to show the whole country that we will fight to have our voices heard.” It also suggests that demonstrators “bring your signs, bring noisemakers, bring drums!”

The site also has an online petition, a flyer for the rally that can be printed and a list of advertisers to support, along with e-mail addresses for program director Cliff Albert, FCC commissioner Michael Copps and others.

When asked about the situation, PD Cliff Albert says, “We’ve been getting lots of great reaction. It’s been non-stop for several days.” When asked about the potential for a change, he said, “No final decision has been made. We are considering a flip to the sports format. That is very possible, but we have not made a final decision.”

Albert credits the strong listener reaction and the more than 2,000 e-mails he has received. He says that they are also considering “alternatives to present the format and will still have it on the air if the 1360 frequency moves to sports.” He hopes the situation will be resolved in the next week or so.